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Comfort is manufactured and supported by Cytech Technology (Singapore) since 1995. Comfort is a proven product under continual development and has been tested for compliance with most international safety and regulatory standards

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BMS Center with the aim of becoming a leading provider of Building Automation & Security Systems solutions market was emerging in Iran. The first projects were started in 2004 and developed it until now.

BMS Center has been started its activities around 16 years ago and is working on design, installation and also sales as a distributor in smart building and electrical systems fields.

Our group with more than 30 staffs has done many successful and important projects in BMS fields and smart building in all over the Iran.

We have good experience in working with many of famous smart building brands.


BMS Center is responsible on the consultation, Design, education, Sales and Support of Building Automation & Security System solutions. Its technical team constantly upgrades and improves the solution & service with feedback from users and installers around the country.


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